Rigid Body Shockwaves in Blender: Full Tutorial utilizing KHAOS Add-on [$]


Joseph writes:

Hey BlenderNation. This tutorial shows how you can create a rigid body shockwave simulation in Blender 3d. We utilize the KHAOS add-on to streamline the destruction process and add small scale debris for more realistic detail. This technique can be used for a variety of effects such as superhero landings or explosions. Enjoy and let us know what you would like to learn next!

Blender 3d Shockwave Tutorial:

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Joseph Hamilton

I am a cinematographer based in Los Angeles. I have been using Blender for many years now in creating basic 3d VFX for films. I am one of the creator’s of an asset based add-on for blender called LightArchitect (www.lightarchitectaddon.com) that allows pre-visualization of Industry Level lighting and camerawork inside of Blender.


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